2017 Golf Outing

2017 Golf Collage



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2016 Golf Outing


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2015 Golf Outing


Collage 1

1st Place: Steve Schmid and Paul Meyer; not shown Doug Dietz and Stephen Silk

2nd Place: Dean Cocchiarella, Mike Winkelman, Jim Buccellato and Keith VanHulle

Team Thermo: Tim Cokeley, Greg Bredahl, Paul Barker & Liz Spalding

Greg Johnson

Andy 150 yards out

Dave Bade

Betty Kauffman

Banquet Begins, Karen Conroy and Steve Bunnell

Liz wins big

Look ma; I finished my plate

Paul Hardt

2011 Golf Tournament

1st Place Winners – Team Thiele: Kip Boie, Steve Shellenbaum, John Miskowiec & Andy Kayati

Team MOCON: Steve Bunnell, Betty Kauffmann (Longest Drive – Women), Bruce Van Clay and Mark Theno

Tied for 1st Place! Dave Bade, Adam Brodd (Longest Putt), Scott Willard and Chis Sommers (Longest Drive – Men & Closest to the Pin)

Jack Grams, Karen Conroy, Stiles Meredith and Barry Shapiro

Eric Moe, Rob Roffers & Steve Schmid

Darrel Lee, James Persells, Rick Kobylinski and John Rebhorn

Eric Carlson wins the big prize from Sher Van Cleve

Prime Rib Banquet Dinner

Greg Johnson & Karen Conroy

Betty Kauffman & Steve Bunnell

Box lunch in the carts prior to the game

Mark Theno with an excellent shot