Certified Packaging Professional (CPP)

Since 1972, IoPP has awarded qualified applicants the designation “Certified Packaging Professional (CPP).”  To date, 1,500+ packaging professionals have attained CPP status.

And with good reason. The most recent IoPP salary survey revealed that CPPs earn between 7% and 10% more than their non-certified co-workers!

Candidates achieve the Certified Packaging Professional (CPP) designation by demonstrating significant industry expertise and experience, measured through a flexible applicant testing process.

The following list of MN Chapter CPP’s is provided to our chapter by National IoPP annually.

MN Chapter Certified Packaging Professionals:

Jeffrey R. Abel, CPP, Consultant
Daniel L. Alexander, CPP, Fellow, Quality Manager
Craig  Amundson, CPP, Consultant, Packaging Regulatory Affairs, 3M Corporation
Benjamin Anderson, CCP, General Millls
Andrea Auchter, CPP, General Mills
Katelyn Barry, CPP, Package Development Analyst, Aveda
Michael A. Beck, CPP, Fellow, Packaging Engineer, Boston Scientific Corporation
Jennifer Benolken, CPP, MDM Specialist, Packaging Engineering, Tyvek®, Dupont
Thomas Blanck, CPP, Principal, Chainalytics
Jenny Brownell (Luepke), CPP, Packaging Engineer, General Mills, Inc.
Nicole Call, CPP, Director, Package Development, Aveda
Bret M. Carlson, CPP, Fellow, Engineering Services Director, ORBIS Corporation
Eric Carlson, CPP, Sr. Manager, Packaging Optimization Practice, Chainalytics
Jane A. Chase, CPP, Fellow, Sr. Director Packaging Engineering
Karen E. Conroy, CPP, Fellow, Senior Packaging Engineer
Debbie Crea, CPP, Sr. Packaging Technologist, General Mills, Inc.
Matthew M. Culver, CPP, Manager Packaging Engineering, Target Corp.
Todd R. Dehmer, CPP, Engineering Manager, Pelican BioThermal
Travis Erickson, CPP, Principal Packaging Engineer, Medtronic
Patricia Ann Ewer, CPP, Package Engineering Analyst, 3M Company
Robert M. Fiedler, CPP, Fellow, Honorary Life Member, Principal Associate, Packaging Optimization Practice, Chainalytics
Steven C. Foss, CPP, Chief Principal Packaging Engineer, The Toro Company
David W. France, CPP, Packaging Research Fellow, ConAgra Foods, Inc.
Alison Gray, CPIT, Engineer II, General Mills
Gerry Gunderson, CPP, VP of Systems, Quality Tech Services, Inc.
Robert C Handberg, CPP, Engineer – III, Anderson Windows Corporation
Wayne A. Harper, CPP, Sr. Package  Engineer, Medtronic
John F Hazekamp, CPP, Lifetime, Snr Manager, ASM Corporate Packaging, Seagate Technology
Chase T. Hegarty, CPP, Member, General Mills
Denise  Herman, CPP, Packaging Engineer Manager, St. Jude Medical
David Hinze, CPP, Product Engineer, Deluxe Corporation
Sam Huppert, CPIT, Packaging Engineer Consultant, CHAINalytics LLC
Kip Jackson, CPP, Packaging Engineer, Scanlan International
Brian Jarvis, CPP, Sr. Package Engineer, 3M
Karen E Juntunen , CPM, Purchasing Manager, Kemps
Rob Kaszubowski, CPP, Sr. Packaging Consultant, Chainalytics
Kirk A. Knott, CPP, Senior Project Manager/Packaging Engineer, DDL, Inc.
Rick Kobylinski, CPP, Packaging Engineer, The Schwan Food Company
Curtis L. Larsen, CPP, Fellow, Package Engineering Consultant, Spartan Design Group, LLC
Rich A. Lindgren, CPP, Packaging Engineer II, Chainalytics
Kurt L. Lindquist, CPP, Business Development, Independent Packing Svcs., Inc
Jason M. Lubs, CPP, Principal Packaging Project Engineer, Medtronic
Rachel Lusk, CPP, Sr. Packaging Technician, General Mills
Dave Lutz, CPP, Sr. Principal Engineer, General Mills, Inc.
Jared R Mandler, CPIT
Michael A. Mattson, CPP, Sr. Packaging Engineer, Angie’s Artisan Treats
Robert Meisner, CPP-Fellow, CPLP, Program Director – Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout
Brock Miller, CPIT, Packaging Scientist, Hormel Foods Corp.
Eric Moe, CPP, Packaging Engineer, Styrene Products
Michael W Mordick, CPP, CPLP, Packaging Engineer, Andersen Corporation
Charlene Myer, CPP, Senior Packaging Engineer, BOSCH AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE SOLUTIONS
Dan Niblo, CPP, Regional Sales Director, Veritiv Company
Steve Norrbom, CPP, Project Engineer, Pace Industries
Rob Olszewski, CPP, Sr. Packaging Engineer, Land O’ Lakes
Christopher Opelt, CPP, Principal Packaging Engineer, Ecolab, Inc.
Kyle Ous, CPP, Sr. Packaging Consultant, Chainalytics
Marcia Popa, CPP, Packaging Engineer
John E. Rafalski, CPP
John P. Rebhorn, CPP, Sr. Principal Packaging Engineer, General Mills, Inc.
Stephen V. Schulte, CHMM, CPP, DGSA, Fellow, Senior Dangerous Goods Specialist, ChemADVISOR, INC.
James P. Scott, CPP, Manager, Packaging QA, Aveda Corporation
John J. Spitzley, CPP, Fellow, Principal, Spartan Design Group, LLC
Paul B. Thompson, CPP, Packaging Engineer, Medtronic, Inc.
Lee Tomasek, CPP, Sr. Packaging Engineer, ECOLAB
Michael Woletz, CPP, R&D Engineer II, General Mills, Inc.
Mark G. Wygonik, CPP, President, Lake 12 Business Group, Inc.